Is it safe installing software in XP Safe Mode?

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Mar 20, 2006
  1. Hi all, I'm having problems installing Stardock Central (as per my post in the Security forum). Nobody seems to be able to work out why I get "explore.exe is not a win32 etc" coming up just before installation completes.

    I've tried everything I and a bunch of others can think of, and I was thinking of trying to install it in Safe Mode to see if it is clashing with something. Is this safe to do, or can it lead to problems?

    Thanks, Makris
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    You could try a "Clean install"
    Use 'msconfig' to boot with everything turned off " selective startup" (Except system essentials,*.ini, of course)
    If the program loads OK , then turn on items one at a time , testing in between boots.
    You can also check the event logs as you go , this may tell you what the conflict is.
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    Thanks, I tried Safe Mode and I had the same error on install. I'm assuming "clean install" isn't any cleaner than Safe Mode?

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    No , the idea was to hopefully help to sort out the conflict ,which is harder to do if you install from Safe mode . Msconfig would allow you to isolate some software on each Boot.
    Check a Forum or Support web for your software to see if there are any workarounds or conflicts.
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