Is it worth buying a new graphics card?

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Hi, :wave:

I currently have an X800 XT PCI EXPRESS graphics card...and i am thinking of buying the new X850 XT PE.

Is it actually worth buying this? or do you think i would be better off waiting for the next generation of cards.

Many Thanks in advance...


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It depends on what type of person you are. Are you happy with the x800's performance, do you need to have the best? You still could get a good bit of money out of an x800 to sell it since it's so new.


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Now that the ATI X950XT (R520) supports Shader 3.0 like the NVidia cards for Doom3, when is the next ATI AGP high-end card going to support this? Is the future still looking good for AGP cards?

With the ATI Radeon x800XT PE 256mb card being only twice as powerful as my ATI 9800Pro, when can I expect a AGP card for high-end gaming but under £300? PCI-E should have lowered the AGP market now that people are investing in future-proofing their systems, how long till the price drops filter through the system? :slurp:


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I've decided to go for the brilliant PNY nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra 256MB (specs. updated in signiture) and it kicks ****. I'm posting this information for the benefit of others in need of help or curiosity:

Aquamark3 TRISCORE = 60,689 (GFX 9,753 - CPU 8,033)
3dMark03 Pro (1024x768/32bit/4xAA/8xAF) = 10,852
3dMark05 Pro (1024x768 - Default settings) = 5,712

3dMark03 Pro Conclusion
With a score of 10,852 this leaves the X800XT PE trailing with 7,830 in 2nd spot and the GeForce 6800 GT 6,769 in 3rd. All the test have been tested with default clock settings.
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