Is it worth the processor wait?


What should I do?

  1. Wait for the new processor.

  2. Get a really cheap Athlon, and then get a much better one once they're out.

  3. Get a Athlon 64 now.

  4. Buy an Xbox 360 instead.

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By spartanslayer ยท 4 replies
Jan 10, 2006
  1. I'm about to build a new system from scratch, and am curious if I should wait. The Athlon 64 65nm processors will be coming out this year and should I wait for one of those. I was going to use a Athlon 64 4000 San Diego. What is the vote?
  2. mossimoboy

    mossimoboy TS Rookie Posts: 121

    I'd say wait for the new one, unless of course you have to have the PC right now.
  3. spartanslayer

    spartanslayer TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 394

    I'd prefer to get it sooner than later. I have to have it by August of 2006.

    SCHUMIinSA TS Rookie Posts: 134

    If you have lot's of cash I would get a new pc now, but not the best just something which can run F.E.A.R decently. Then later when the new stuff comes out go top of the range.

    Something along the lines of an AMD Sempron 3000+ or maybe and Athlon64 3200+, maybe using a 6600GT, 512MB RAM and so on. I think you get the picture.
  5. I would get an amd athlon 64 3200+ but at the moment get something cheaper until you can get the best.
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