Is my computer ok?

By shof515 · 5 replies
Feb 23, 2006
  1. AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Newcastle 800MHz FSB Socket 754 Processor
    ASUS A9550/TD/128 Radeon 9550 128MB DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card
    ASUS K8V-X SE Socket 754 VIA K8T800 ATX AMD Motherboard
    ARCTIC COOLING Silencer64UltraTC 92mm Cooling Fan with Heatsink
    Evercool EC12025 120mm Ball Case Cooling Fan(front and back)
    Right now,the computer is at this with the case open:
    Motherboard 30 °C (86 °F)
    CPU 52 °C (126 °F)
    Aux 67 °C (153 °F)
    When close my case,the cpu easlys goes up to like 60c or more. On the side of my case is a fan and duct thats works with the processor heatstick and fan. Is there anything i can do to lower my tempurates. It also took me a while to load xp on my computer becasue every so often the computer will auto shut off
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Sounds like you are having some overheating problems, especially if it is automatically shutting off.

    Did you build this one yourself? Are you comfortable in removing the heatsink and re-seating it? If so, that's what I would try first. Clean off the old thermal pad/paste and apply some new goo (artic silver recommended).

    In the meantime, I wouldn't use the computer.
  3. shof515

    shof515 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes i build the computer my self. I apply thermal paste on the processor and heatstink. I even try resetting the heatstink.. One thing i notice is the heatstink does not get hot at all(even after 30 mintues)
  4. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,495

    Well if the Heatsink isnt getting hot, id say you need to reapply thermal paste. Id bet you used to much. You want it about the thickness of a peice of paper when your done.
  5. mossimoboy

    mossimoboy TS Rookie Posts: 121

    I agree with spade, partially. If your heatsink isn't getting hot, you may have applied too much or too little paste, OR your heatsink is made from a cheap material that doesn't conduct heat well. What is your heatsink made out of?
    And is it stock or a 3rd party brand?
  6. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Check your fan speeds too. Do you have it set to Quiet, which will slow the fan but increase your temp. Your heatsink shouldn't be hot or your fan isn't cooling effectively, but it shouldn't be cool either. I'd check the thermal paste and overall alignment/attachment. Make sure it's in intimate contact with the CPU die.
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