Is the end in sight? Graphics card shipments predicted to increase 10% as mining demand...


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You seem agitated that I called AMDs blatant lie out. Why? Are you AMDs guard dog? I feel sorry for you if you genuinely believe AMD would withhold a product from the market because of availability of DDR5 that they don’t control. Withholding their product will not help anyone. If this is actually what they are claiming then it’s overwhelmingly obvious that they are facing delays on Zen4, most likely related to supply chain or capacity.

So you know, 100%, that AMD is blatantly lying? That's impressive. Good to know you're on the inside and can divulge information on AMD's product line. I hope you're not violating any kind of NDA - that would be bad ☹️. Next time a new product through AMD is coming out, we'll all turn to you and ask for your wealth of knowledge about AMD's position.

I'm not taking anyone's side. You're inferring that I am. I simply stated a few possible scenarios and it looks like you kind of took offense to them and jumped to the conclusion that I'm defending AMD.

You said people will pay a premium for new hardware. I pointed out that the new hardware isn't easy to come by and paying a premium isn't the same as paying scalper prices. I even pointed out that a guy designed something to allow DDR4 to work on DDR5 only motherboards (here's a link to the TechSpot story if you want to look it over to make sure I'm not lying). I also said the Intel CPUs were not just being purchased to be used with DDR5 and that the performance difference between DDR5 and DDR4 isn't that impressive (you can check out the TPU results here if you want). If you want to resort to labeling me as a "guard dog" because a possible rebuttal to your opinion was put into question, by all means, do so, if that's what makes you feel better.

Remember, I never said you were wrong. I just offered other possible scenarios that you refuse to acknowledge, for whatever reasons you believe.
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The best move one can make is to buy a prebuilt right now.

I saw plenty of 3080Ti available recently, but no 3090 and very few low-end models.

The AMD "Red Devil" cards litter the shelves of microcenter - if you are willing to overpay on them.

If I was looking for a high end GPU and had $1500-1600, clearly the 3090 is out of that price range.

If I was lucky I might find a 3080Ti at that price point, but most likely not.

I see 6900XT cards at MicroCenter for the $1500 range.
Overpriced? Yep, they sure are. At least $500+ over MSRP.

Are they more overpriced than the 3090 and 3080 Ti cards? Nope, the 3080Ti are overpriced by a good $500+ over the MSRP and the 3090 is looking to be a bit more overpriced at closer to $600 over the MSRP.

Don't like AMD - go for Nvidia.
If you like AMD and want their top of the line, they are priced similarly higher when compared to MSRP as the Nvidia are.
$1500-2000 for a 6900XT
$1750-2100 for a 3080Ti
$2000-2300 for a 3090

In the end, I don't think you're winning with either top end GPU from AMD or Nvidia due to the massive markups. Perhaps, though, don't blatantly lie about how overpriced AMD 6900XT is compared to the 3080Ti/3090 from Nvidia, because it's not true.

In the end, you'd be overpaying for any of them by a large margin.