Is the perpetual waiting 'another 6 months' worth it this time? Plus other question.

By Tacitus
Nov 21, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I'm sure everyone knows that when it comes to gadgets, especially PC components and TV's, waiting ‘another 6 months’ will bring a mini techno-revolution and allow us to get our hands on untold power. I was wondering when the next big breakthrough in terms of PC components is going to be. I've been out of the loop in terms of GFX and Processor development, and I’m planning on making a fairly major upgrade on my system soon. So, is it worth waiting till January-March for Vista to bed in and DX10 cards to come out? Does anyone know when the first proper (i.e., not botched first attempt) NVIDIA and ATI GFX's will come out for Vista? Also, who is on top in the processor world now? I've noticed Intel have brought out this Core thing; does it own AMD or what?

    I'd also like to know what the core name is for my Athlon 64 X2 4400+, and how many evolutions there has been of this core. What’s the deal with this AM2 stuff?

    Bascially, I'd just like to be brought up to speed.

    Additionally, (may as well pack as many points into one post), I’ve been having a few problems with my current system.

    The main specs are:
    Athlon64 X2 4400+
    Gigabyte 7800GT 256meg
    2gig o’ Kingmax ‘hardcore’ DDR2 ram
    250 WD Caviar special edition
    460watt Asaka PSU
    ASUS A8N-SLI mobo
    Antec P160W case with 120mm exhaust fan (room for 120mm intake)

    My two main problems are that when I turn the computer off for the night and come to turn it on the next day, the chipset fan doesn’t start up and I get a notice from my bios saying its RPM is too low. I then have to reset the computer a few times before it seems to kick in and the start-up progresses normally. Why is this? I was thinking it was maybe due to my PSU not distributing enough power, as I think 460watts for my system might be cutting it a bit fine. Furthermore, my graphics card is beginning to overheat a fair bit after a prolonged gaming session. Temperatures at freeze-point are normally about 65 degrees. It used to only ever get to 60 max, and was generally fine, but now it’s pushing it a bit. Is this because the fan on the GFX is dying? I have to reset my computer quite a lot because XP has become that corrupted it just locks up when it feels like, and atm I don’t have to time for a big re-install, could this have affected the components?

    What would people recommend? An aftermarket GFX cooler, an exhaust fan, a new PSU, and new chipset fan, or them all?


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