IS the radeon 8500, better, than gf3 or gf4?

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Mar 7, 2002
  1. Hi i want to know is there are performance diferences with these cards, cuz i know there are tech diferences, but at last what a gamer whants to know if is going to give more fps in games.

    thanks =)

    ps: i know the gf4 gives more fps but is it worth it?
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    I think the GF4 is above and beyond the GF3 and the ATi Radeon 8500. Between the GF3 and the Ati its a toss up. Personally I go with the Gf3 because of Nvidia's excellent driver support. They are both very fast cards with excellent imaging. I feel that Nvidia's AA is better than Ati's.
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    I Know that you know GeF4 will give more fps .so if you have the money to buy gf4 why are you looking for radeon.
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    "Is the Radeon 8500 better than GF3 or GF4?"

    The GF4 beats all the current available video cards in all areas in terms of specifications and performance. The real "battle" is between the R8500 and the GF3, I think. The GF3 outperforms the R8500 in some areas while the R8500 outperforms GF3 in others. Once ATi actually releases some BETTER drivers (the leaked one's are ok), the R8500 might pull ahead of the GF3.

    On a more personal level, I'm quite content with my R8500.... though I'd be even more happier if I had better drivers. :D

    Some of the related links you can check out that has some opinions on this:

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    Are the vid-cards worth the money???

    I believe Per Hansson will release an article pertaining to the performance of the R8500 and its drivers in the future. I'll be looking forward to that. :)
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    I'd say right now the choice is very difficult to make (unless you'd go for a GF4, of course). The GF3 and the 8500 are rather on a par. Of course, Radeon has several advantages (dual display etc.) and it looks more futureproof actually. It's also cheaper than the GF3 Ti500. And ATI's drivers HAVE matured finally. But nVidia should be a little more reliable. Tough choice...
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  9. land

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    That article about ATI's drivers will take atleast three weeks untill it's uploaded, reason being that I'm of to Irland > Galway for some work experience, hey if you happen to run by me buy me a beer ;)
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    thankx for the info guys!
    i actualy own a gf3 so i was going to upgrade to a rad but with all the info ill stay with my gf3.

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    You'll only get my Voodoo when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.
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