Is there a cable that I can use to make USB into a 9-pin serial?

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Mar 5, 2003
  1. I have an IBM thinkpad 600x with a replicator. The replicator has a 9-pin serial port which I utilize, but the replicator is too big and bulky to fit into my case. Can I use some sort of USB to serial 9-pin(male) adaptor and have WIndows 2000 pro recognize it as a com port? Thanks.
  2. StormBringer

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    You are wanting to go from USB on the device to serial on the PC, correct? I believe there is a cable available for that. But I'm not sure if it will work for what you are needing. You can check out The people there have many projects in the works and some completed for several things dealing with communications between different types of devices.
  3. hypermikem

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    Actually it's the device that is 9-pin female and my laptop has a USB port on it, but the port replicator that it docks to is the only place with a 9-pin com port. The serial port is com2 when using the port dock. Is there a cable to covert a usb port to a serial RS232 connection, and have it act as a com port?:dead: I hate lug the replicator around. For a thinkpad 600x, the docks are big and bulky. I am not sure if there is a cable for this type of conversion, or even if you can get a usb port to act as a com port. I'm still quite green when it comes to obscure connections and possibilities, but I'll keep digging further and find my answer. :cool:
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    I believe you want an USB-DB9M adapter.

    They are out there, maybe not easy to find, but they are.
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    There's a convertor for EVERYTHING. If you can't find one, I'll gladly send you one. I work at a place with literally hundreds of used, unimaginable adapters.. RJ5 to phone jack, RJ5 to serial, PS/2 to things I've never seen........ etc.
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    Base on my personal experience, this adaptor tend to come with new optical mouse.
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