Is there a limit on hard drive size?

By kane702
Feb 12, 2006
  1. I just built a new system...and I am having many problems with my hard drives. I have on old 20gig hardrive that I have my os (xp) on and two 250 gig SATA. The 250's dont show up on "my computer" but i check the device manager and they are there but "unallocated"...I think I should format them but they only show as 128gigs is there a way to fix this? I had them on RAID 0 but deleted the array because I couldnt find a way to store anything on I being stupid ?

    I read the sticky thread about maydisregard the first question but if you have a suggestion please go ahead.
  2. fgaliegue

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    [I believe this should be in another part of the forum...]

    128 GB is basically the BIOS ATA limit, and you seem to have hit it hard.

    Looks like your BIOS is too old and still tries and exports the IDE disk characteristics using its own registers.
  3. Nodsu

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    I doubt it is the BIOS limit, since he built his new system. More likely XP has not been upgraded to SP1 or later.
  4. kane702

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    Yhea, i got a brand new biostar mobo. I found out that the old ide hard drive was causing some problems with the other sata drives. So I riped it out and now I was going to install windows in the new sata hard drives but... I found out that my floppy drive was not working for my raid drivers so I have to go buy one today.

    Also, my windows does have service pack 1

    will my hard drives still only show as 128 if I have them raided?
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