Is there an easier way to install the network monitoring program called NMIS

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Jul 6, 2005
  1. I searched in their website for a version that could be installed in windows 2k, but I ran into a lot of .tar files which can only be used with Linux OS (I think). In their website though they do mention that it has been installed succesfully in win 2k. Can anyone tell me of a much easier way to install this program without the use of .tar files please thank you.
  2. Vigilante

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    You should be able to open those TAR files with winrar and maybe even winzip.

    *.TAR files are just compressed files like ZIP and RAR. They are mostly found in the MAC world, but still, winzip or winrar should be able to decompress them for you.

  3. LNCPapa

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    Actually - I think tar files are most commonly seen in the Unix/Linux world - most compressed mac files are .sit or .hqx

    And btw - Winrar will open up that tar file no problem - but it's what's inside that is important.
  4. haden9

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    Thanks, for the info guys, but I was wondering about the compilation of the files afterwards... Is this really a hard thing to do? I would understand if it is really a difficult thing to do. Is there a web page I could learn from as to how compile files or create them and have them working etc, or it this something out of my league? :dead:
    Thanks again for the answers
  5. Vigilante

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    You don't have to compile anything unless you downloaded source code. If you downloaded source code you would have to have a compiler and know which programming language to compile with.

    After skimming a few paragraphs on the web site, it appears this is a web based monitor program. So you don't really compile it, unless you have to compile perl scripts?
    But that means you need to have a web server running with support for the script languages this program uses, and put the files in the right place.

    This all get's complicated. I would just look for a different program to do what you want and that has an install for Windows. This looks web based which I'm not sure if that's what you want or not.

    So then, what are you wanting to do? And why do you want this program? Maybe we can find a different program that would be easier to use.

  6. synthetik

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    Generally "tar" and "compile" are terms used when installing on unix-based systems. Since unix comes in many flavors, the best way to install is by dwnloading the source code and compiling it on a specific OS.

    Here's the comment from

    Supported Platforms - NMIS is written in Perl so theoretically if your toaster runs Perl and has an IP address it can run NMIS. Nearly all the development of NMIS has taken place on Solaris for Sparc and i386. NMIS should work on all versions of Unix

    If you're into Windows, try searching for other monitoring tools from
  7. haden9

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    I would like to thanks all for the answers, I found another program which should not be that difficult called MRTG. I think this one is a bit beyond my limits right now, but I thank everyone for the help.
    And to answer why did I want to learn to install this? Well, I wanted to learn how to use a network monitoring program and stuff :approve:
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