Is this CPU burned?!

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'Cause my PC died couple days ago...bought some new parts and was going to change a CPU fan, when I took an old one off, saw it makes me wonder if CPU is burned? How can I find out? OR is it just thermal paste from when I applied it first time?








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Wow, Looks like it has been overheating for a long time. What CPU is that? And was your old CPU fan even working? I have never seen a CPU with all that brown around the edges. Time for a new one I'd say... you should still be able to find a few CPUs for socket 478 kicking around.


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Yeah I'm sorry to say, but I also think its burnt because I also never seen a cpu with all those black marks around the edges, I'm guessing it was really overheating.


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Yea, but it doesn't make sense. It would have had to hit like 140C to have that happen... maybe it was a Prescott ;) But even a Prescott would have failed for sure long before it was hot enough to leave scorch marks!


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Time for a new CPU :unch: I've never seen that before :eek:

[RANDOM]I will get a better cooler soon...[/RANDOM]


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F&*&(&!!!! Grrrr!!!

GRRR....yeah, it was a P4 Prescott 3.0 CPU, i left it overnight to download couple of things and woke up in a morning and PC was dead like a brick :mad:

Now got a new PSU 'cause old one sucked a** and also got a new gotta buy a new CPU.

BTW, I got ASUS P4S800 mobo...what CPU should I buy for it? or just stick with the old model?


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Wow that CPU is toasted!

The 478 Socket has been discountinued. Which makes is poinless to just buy a new CPU. All in all it would be a smarter decision to do a complete overhaul and buy a new system.


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Can't really tell from the pics since you haven't tried cleaning the surface.

It's impossible to tell if it's the CPU or the thermal compound that is burnt across it. I'd get a coffee filter and some 98-99% Isopropyl Alcohol and start cleaning the surface. Intels have thermal protection so they will down-throttle and even shutdown totally when they hit their operating peaks. I doubt it's damaged unless the thing actually caught fire.

Your motherboard is probably DOA though... I'd imagine that kind of heat/draw might damage the capacitors/circuitry and may have even fused some of the lower cpu pin contacts on the socket.


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Congratulations. You are the proud owner of a new coffee coaster. :(

I recommend building a new system. You might be able to salvage your hard drives and other peripherals. I will be willing to bet your mobo is dead too. Your graphics card might be iffy, but give it a try.


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I'm with tedster on this. You'd best be off with a system upgrade. You can probably salvage your hd etc. Go for a LGA775 mobo.


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Sharkfood said:
Your motherboard is probably DOA though...
Lol DOA means "Dead On Arrival" ;) So it's dead... but obviously not on arrival. Seems to be just "D".

Yea, get an LGA775 or AM2 mobo and CPU. Depends on if you want to go intel or AMD.


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MetalX said:
Yea, get an LGA775 or AM2 mobo and CPU. Depends on if you want to go intel or AMD.

Now comes old age question...Intel or AMD :evil:

well since I'll be doing a lot of digital imaging, photo editing and stuff and play some BF2...which way should I go?

Thanks in advance.
I say inel, being a AMD user myself i would usualy say AMD but for playing games i would suggest Intel, they have good and fast CPUs


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i recommend Intel Conroe (Core 2 Duo) it's a better performer than almost any AMD.
anyway AMD has good CPU's and atractive prices for it's X2's.
if money ain't a problem go with intel and socket lga775 :)


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one other HDDs are ATA, not, my video card is still on IF i'll be upgrading, what are my choices?


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Are you planning to overclock? The E6XXX Conroe are beasts at overclocking (though I'm sensible enough to not overclock mine). If you do decide to overclock, I suggest something in the P5B family for asus (love that 965 chipset).
Also before you get a mobo decide on all your parts... what ram are you getting?
Just note that the mobo you stated only supports up to DDR2-533. Just keep that in mind when buying your ram.

Anyway, Good luck and have fun with the upgrade.


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I fully recommend this motherboard:
Gigabyte GA-965P-S3. I have it, and it's pretty good for gaming, also overclocks like a beast :)

And that E6400 CPU is a very good choice.

Regards :wave:


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How about these two, will it be a good combo?

MSI P6N SLI Platinum


Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Conroe 2.13GHz

If not, what other mobo/cpu combo would you recommend? (for graphic design and gaming), might be doing some OC..., I read some forums and looks like it is a good mobo for OCing...Let me know your thoughts, ideas, suggestions...

P.S. As of right now, this is what I got so far...



+ 5 HDDs that are EIDEs...and AGP video card, that's gonna get upgraded to PCI-e
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