Issue with sharing a printer on network

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I have a Desktop running Windos ME. I have Lexmark All in One installed on the desktop. I have another dell laptop running XP. Both r connected using the cat5e cable. I can share the internet and files on the desktop and acess it through laptop. when i try to connect to printer, printer is listed and when i select printer, err. msg says

"Windows cannot connect to printer.Operation could not be completed".

Desktop have the IP
and laptop have automatic assign IP enabled.

Can anyone help.

Thank You



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Is the printer turned on at this point? I'm sure you checked that, but I have an almost identical setup at my parents house, where the laptop running XP Home connects via crossover to a 98se computer sharing a lexmark printer. And after setting up the network and installing the printer on the XP machine, all worked flawlessly.
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