Issues after building a computer.....

By LxTrix
Jun 12, 2007
  1. Ok i built a new computer and used my old cdrw drive and dvd-rom drive, other then that everything is new. Theres just a few issues.

    1. The dvd-rom drive is from the emachines so i need to find the driver for it in order for it to work. Is that possibble to find?

    2. The speakers from my emachines won't go as loud as they used to. Even at full blast they sound quiet. I can't figure out how to improve the sound but i have a feeling it has something to do with the sound being hd and 8 channel.

    3. The program winfox came with the graphics card and there is a hardware monitor that says the GPU temp is 140 degrees C. Is that the right tempature?

    4. The computer isn't hooked up to the internet. (I'm on a different computer.) I have one listed network connection as 1394 Connection. and under "Connected, Firewalled" It says 1394 Net Adapter, i'm just curious to what this is.

    5. Another werid thing is it says i can safely remove hardware, but i dont have any usb drive or anything like one hooked up. It shows up as WDCWD160QJS-22NCB1. I think this may just be my hard drive.

    6. Another question is how do i tell if my GPU is giving my computer the best display possible?

    Included is a log one of the utillities did so i hope it helps.

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  2. Nodsu

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    1. Optical drives do not need special drivers in Windows - these are already built in. As you can see from your log.txt, WIndows already has a driver for your CD and DVD drives.
    2. In the speakers configuration, make sure you have set it to two speakers. Look over the volume controls and make sure all the wires are plugged in properly.
    3. Are you sure it's C? Maybe it means F? No, 140C can't be right :)
    4. It is the firewire networking feature.
    5. Yes, SATA hard drives can be hot-swappable
    6. Define best?
  3. LxTrix

    LxTrix TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 76

    Thanks for helping.

    1. Well my dvd-rom drive isn't reading, like it shows up on my system but when ever i try to put in a disc it freezes up kinda and dosen't read.
    2. Yes my speakers are plugged in and yes its set to two speakers. I read sommewhere that it could be that my speakers aren't compatable since the motherboard has a hd audio thing, but my speakers worked fine for my old computer, even though it wasn't hd audio.
    3. Yea i dont think that monitor thing is correct. I'm just gonna hope its not too hot.
    4. Alright i looked into that and figured it out.
    5. Should it be hot-swappable? I really dont want that tray icon showing up so how so i fix it?
    6. My motherboard has on-board graphics and i have a graphics card. I just want to make sure i'm using my graphics card to its fullest. I tried to play an old game, since old games is all i have and it wouldn;t even play cotrectly. (Aliens Vs Predator)
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