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Issues starting up comp

By BeowulfKadmus ยท 5 replies
Aug 14, 2004
  1. I'm having problems getting pass A7N8X-E Deluxe screen. Yestarday night my computer froze twice after restarting it the third time it would not go pass the A7N8x-E screen(which is the first screen that comes up when booting up my machine). I hope someone will be able to help with my problem.:(

    AMD Athlon 2600+
    A7N8X-E Delux motherboard
    Corsair CMX3200 512MB 400MHZ memory
    Geforce4 Ti 4200 video card
    Windows 2000 Pro
  2. BeowulfKadmus

    BeowulfKadmus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    After feeling like crap waiting for a reply, I've been thinking either 1. my CPU is dead, or 2. i might need to dust it but i cant seem to find how to remove it and it's pissing the hell out of me!

    - Watch your language on these forums
  3. Raiders

    Raiders TS Rookie Posts: 69

    IMO If your CPU was Dead i dont think your pc would even Post(i may be wrong) aslso thare is no mention to what speed your CPU is at i.e. is your CPU& Mem 1:1?? or set to SPD?
    Are you OC'n your CPU?, is this a new setup or a well used one?.
    start with the basic stuff, Take the side panel off and clean out any dust or deposits that may be on the Fans and MOBO,,(Dust causes shorts too)with a can of air.(dont over spin the fan) remove the Heatsink with a flat Head screwdriver (CARFULLY!) the clip will have a spot to insert the screwdriver. remove CPU,Re-seat,Apply thermal paste(articSilver),re-install Heat Sink(Carefull).
    check Memery slots for dust or anything that may be in thare.
    also when you have your CPU Heatsink out, look at it, Purple/black, residue means it was very hot,,possibly toast(i hope not) but it just might be.
    Hope the best for ya.
  4. BeowulfKadmus

    BeowulfKadmus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Dont think it's my CPU at all, I did try to reset CMOS which did nothing, now I dont see any picture at all and my video cards fan doesnt spin when computer is turned on, so either when I tried to take out the parts and put them back in i might of damaged the memory? not sure exactly, maybe I need a new battery for my comp. I've been using this computer for atleast 9 months.
  5. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    If the post screen comes up, typically you can press tab to see what the BIOS is doing. If the system freezes or the post screen doesn't come up, this will not help you.

    Was the system working fine before? For how long? Do you have thermal grease between the processor and the heatsink?

    Now the post screen doesn't come up and the vid card fan does not spin... What is your power supply? Wattage, brand, etc.

    How many CD-ROMs, HDDs do you run?

    If all else fails, you may need to try the bare minimum. (PSU, Memory, CPU, Mobo, and vid card) Maybe even without the case. Try just one stick of memory at a time, if you have two sticks.

  6. stevegazza

    stevegazza TS Rookie

    I had similar problems with an Asus A7N8X-E DL and Corsair PC3200LL memory.

    There is some sort of problem with Corsair low latency memory compatability with Asus board.

    Have a look at the official Corsair forum www.houseofhelp.com.
    You need to go in to you Bios. Advanced chipset features. Try the following settings:
    CPU external frequency 166
    CPU multiple setting leave to auto unless you are o'cing. Maybe later.
    Cpu frequency multiple leave at standard default for now. Your chip is most likely locked anyway!
    System performance : user defined
    CPU interface : optimal
    Memory frequency : 100%
    Resulting frequency : should read 166mhz
    Memory timing : user defined.
    The following can be checked at the Corsair official site, but something like:
    SDram active precharge delay : 7
    SDram to CAS delay : 3
    SDram RAS precharge delay 3
    SDRAM CAS latency 2.5 (or maybe 3) to get you started
    FSB SPread spectrum leave or disable if you o'c
    AGP spread spectrum : disabled
    CPU vcore leave unless o'c
    Graphics aperture leave
    AGP frequency leave for now
    change nothing until
    DDR reference voltage put this up to 2.7 (your memory is still warranted above this)
    AGP voltage : put up to 1.6.

    Now exit and save and I hope you have a working system.

    Now look at the forums some more to get more info and you can tweak more to re-tighten your memory settings.
    Good luck.
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