Issues with MSI K8N Neo II platinum + AMD-64 "Winchester" 3000

By Prehjan
Dec 25, 2004
  1. Hello
    My system is as followed


    ----CPU: AMD-64 3000
    ----MOBO: K8N Neo II Platinum
    ----Memory: Corsair TwinX3200C2PT
    ----HD: Maxtor 160 GIG 8Meg Cache (Parallel)
    ----RAID: 2 Western Digital 80 GIG 8Meg Cache (Serial)
    ----Sound: ESO Juli@
    ----TvCard: Hauppage WinTVGo x2
    ----Capture: Xcard + SweetSpot (Component video for Projector)
    ----AGP Card: Gigabyte FX 5700 256Meg AGP 8X
    ----Remote: Ahannix Imon Remote

    As you have noticed all of the PCI slots are full!!!

    ----Windows XP 2600 SP1 installed
    ----HTPC software/Office 2003 Suite/Adobe Suite/Divx Pro
    ----GB-PVR (Server client)

    My problem:

    I need this rig up 24/7 As of now i m runing in dual channel 128bit mode Memory is set at
    HT is set at 5
    Bios is 1.4 although it reads 1.3...i downloaded it from MSI's site
    Sometimes this system gives erros such as device driver corrupt,or device driver (video) stuch in an infinate loop...I have also gotten some funky blue screens of death...
    It doesnt happen often...after being on for 24 hours of so...i get this at random intervals...
    Anyone else has had this probllem???
    i m also thinking of changing the video card...i was thinking of either an ati 8x 9800 pro...
    or a Nvidia 6600 GT which is also 8x...whcih one would you recommend???
    Keeep in mind all of the software drivers for nvidia (both for the mobo and video are alkl at the latest builts,so they are current!!!)

    I need a better Power Supply So i m ordering the Antec truePower 550Watts
    (I hope this will take care of the stability issues)
    Any ideas would be appreciated ...thanks again

    Martin out

    Thanks Techspot for the forums :p
  2. Lostfaith

    Lostfaith TS Rookie Posts: 19

    had that infamous infinite loop error once too, scraped the web off for any solutions but with no prevail... I had it with an ati (8500LE). changed the card and the problem went away in my case.
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