issues with processor or video card, cant tell??? help please

By newb_PC_build
Jan 14, 2006
  1. thnx for reading,
    Upon putting together my PC it wont start up!! It does NOT make any beeps at all, and no display is provided to my monitor. All the fans turn like theyre supposed to, and i can open and close my drives. I cannot tell if my hardrive is doing anything.

    ive checked my mobo(replaced), memory (replaced), power supply (checked on another pc), hard drives (new), and all connections which leaves my video card and cpu.

    So my question is does the fact that it does nothing upon start up, not even make the beep sequence, mean that its a problem with my processor or could it be my video card?

    thank you
  2. elfi

    elfi TS Rookie Posts: 68

    i had that same problem i took everything out i mean everything (mobo, mem, cpu, all external cards ) dust everything of and than place it back together
  3. Freezer7Pro

    Freezer7Pro TS Rookie


    It's your processor. I am pretty use to that kind of things, since I search the scrapheap for "gold". No sounds=bad processor. "_" =long beep "." =short beep. So, if your gfx is broken it should beep like this: "_...". Try to replace the CPU.
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