Issues with Wireless Internet Access at Home

By N1Hawk
Jan 9, 2007
  1. I have a d-link wireless router and 2 computers connected to the Internet. I find that when browsing it's slow to pull pages up and when gaming it's not a very fast FPS. I have tried a direct connection and it's not any better. I do regular virus scans and spyware scans and we have high speed lite Internet would that make a big affect on wireless? I also have done a reboot on the router and modem as I work at an ISP :)
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    Do you work for the same ISP that you have at home,?

    I ask because you should know that slow browsing happens with almost all ISP's at one time or another, like now with me and NTL, this last few days my 4meg connection has crawled like a dial up, I know there is no point phoning the tech line, it costs and most of them couldn't find their asses with a map and compass,

    On the same point, you say that you have a slow FPS, this means Frames Per Second and has nothing to do with the speed of your web connection, for that we measure in ping times.

    Lastly you say that you have tried a direct connection, have you tried removing the router and connecting straight to your modem or whatever device brings the Internet into your home, if things dont change then you know its the ISP,

    I'm not sure what high speed lite internet is but maybe you suffer from contention ratio, unlike cable boradband where you get what you pay for, on a contention ratio you fight for bandwidth with other users.

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    Thanks for the suggestions
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    Can anyone else suggest other things?
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