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Feb 20, 2007
  1. before going to bed last night i turned my computer off as usual. this morning when i turned it on it freezes. you know the part (if your're running windows XP, that sound clip at the start of it) it freezes right there. the sound clip goes normal but towards the end it chops and just stays like that. i cant move the mouse or ctrl+alt+del. i suspected it might be the onboard audio. but i disabled that and it still did the same thing. i have to restart my computer by the reset button, only to have it go back to its frozen state..

    any tips and tricks would be helpful. thanks
  2. kitty500cat

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    Try downloading Memtest's bootable ISO from here. Burn it to a CD, and try booting from the CD using the options in the BIOS. have it scan for several hours and see if it finds anything.

    NFSFAN TS Rookie Posts: 245

    Yeah kittycat is right. Try memtest, if it doesn't find any errors, then go into bios and report temperatures of CPU here. Also try booting into safemode, and see if it does the same thing.
  4. antradox

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    i havent run memtest yet, but at least i can my computer now. i did windows repair thingy and managed to get it to not freeze, provided i keep my computer on, if i restart it it will do the same thing and i will have to do the whole windows CD repair thingy and hope that it will not freeze....anyway would it still be a good suggestion to run memtest?? i might as well run it on this friend here though thinks its a software problem. this freezing business happened overnight. i think its some hardware (but not RAM hopefully) maybe the graphics card, because everytime i start the computer it always says that it has an unidentified hardware on the Radeon 9600XT or something, and it comes up in 2 windows...would this be the climax of my negligence? i ve always shrugged it off thinking its just one of those things.

    how about system restore? would you guys recommend it just to see if it was somekind of software problem...thanks for your help
  5. Exonimus

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    sure, system restore is always worth a try. Although you won't find out where the problem is.. and you do have the risk of the whole thing happening again, but I would definitely give it a shot. It has saved me from reinstalling windows twice already =)
  6. antradox

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    aww.... because i had to boot from the CD ROM (my windows OS cs, i had to do a repair of it just to get it not freeze) the restore points must have been deleted.....there is nothing else in bold except for a way i did run memtest (not the program) but i took out both my ddr 400 512 sticks, and put on a new 512 ram, still did the same thing

    my friend reckons its my hardrive, because in BIOS if the setting is set to first boot device -harddisk, then it is guaranteed to freeze...

    what now guys.....get a new harddrive or not be too hasty in concluding that its that......reformat maybe.....
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