Items needed to build a new computer?

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Jun 6, 2005
  1. I'm wanting to build a new computer because mine is very out of date and i was wondering what are all the neccesary components all i can think of is

    Case,Motherboard,CPU,RAM,mouse,keyboard,speakers,monitor,sound card,video card..modem with Lan thingy?? i dunno im a newb...

    and another question i was having some problems deciding on a motherboard all i really need is a motherboard with a pentium 4 i think...some help please...

    (the things im going to use this computer for is mainly online gaming,chatting on msn,listening to music,browsing forums)(all at the same time)

    some assistance please?
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    nu-b check it out....

    You have to make a decision what you REALLY intend the computer to be primarily used for. A gaming computer will be a lot more expensive to build than one you use to surf the net and write papers on. Heck, I have a piece of crap laptop at work - a pentium 2 just to surf the net and write papers and process forms.

    A gaming computer will require a very fast CPU, quite a bit of onboard memory and a high end graphics card with a lot of graphics memory.
    needless to say - this will cost buckazoids.

    AMD tends to have the edge for gaming system CPUs.

    If you intend on building a computer to run scientific applications, databases, and other types of computing intensive business software, than an Intel system is a better choice for a CPU.

    If you just intend on being a casual gamer, then you don't need the latest and greatest CPU or motherboard. Heck I run my latest computer I built on an MSI K78N Delta 2 platinum motherboard with an Athlon 2500+ XP CPU. My graphics card isn't the highest end, but it fits the job and I can play Doom 3, Medal of Honor and other games pretty decently. Its an FX 5500 card with 128 megs of memory on the card.

    My motherboard has 1.5 GIGs of memory way more than I need.
    In addition to gaming, I am an online graduate school student as well as a full time soldier. I surf the net a lot and write quite a few papers. So what I have is great for what I do.

    You have to set a limit on what you're willing to spend and what you intend to do with a system. Once you have that, you can start building. My latest system has a lot of used parts that I got off ebay. You don't need a NEW CD rom, a new floppy drive, or a new sound card for example.

    You also don't need a humungous hard drive unless you're planning on downloading a lot of videos. Heck, my old system has two 40gb hard drives. I never got even close to filling them up.
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    The only part you missed(and you may not really have missed) is a power supply, but many are included with a case and you listed a case. It's a very good idea to get a quality psu, like an antec or enermax with enough wattage.

    You can build a decent budget gaming system for $800, but the price depends on what you include in the price(some people don't count the cost of windows in the price. Others only include the price for the tower, monitor/key/mouse, etc not included.)

    A decent idea for an amd system is:
    Chaintech vnf4 ultra motherboard
    Amd a64 939 3000+ venice core retail
    Corsair value select cas 2.5 2x512mb ram
    Leadtek/evga/bfg 6600gt pci-e
    Any decent case
    A good psu/antec/enermax/etc
    A dvd burner, nec, benq, pioneer, etc
    That's all about $670
    +xp = $760

    +monitor $125 crt
    +key/mouse $30
    +speakers $50 x530 logitek 5.1

    Total $965 for everything, $760 for the tower w/ xp
    The price definitely can vary. A lcd will put the price up, as will an expensive case. You maybe don't need that much video card if you don't do really intense games.
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    You're absolutely right. I forgot to mention the power supply. Don't get anything LESS than 450 watts. Most systems today are very power hungry. Heck I have 600W on mine.

    You can can a simple bare-bones case for cheap or a colorful, bells and whistles case.
    I got mine with all the trimmings dirt cheap on ebay for $30 - it even came with the power supply. Retail stores sold the same case in excess of $100. Of course you have to be careful who you buy from on ebay.

    When buying memory stick with a tier 1 grade, crucial, kingston, or corsair. Don't buy cheapo memory. You get what you pay for. Also check with the motherboard manual to see what BRANDS and types it takes BEFORE you buy.

    I wouldn't bother with trying to overclock. Most CPUs are locked down now anyway and overclocking is definately not something for newbies. You can burn your CPU out in seconds. I know - I've done it.
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    i dont play games with very good graphics i generally play only runescape its just a java game that could play on a 64 ram computer lol just pretty slow...anyway i just want it to be able to handle a little more detailed games if i decided to play those i mainly want in to be able to run like ares,runescape,msn with a few convos,and a internet explorer screen or 2 all at the same time and not lag all the time :grinthumb but also want it to be good at the same time
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    i was run games like world or warcraft or star wars that recomend 1k of RAM what you should do if you were to make your own computer. i need to build a computer that may not look the best on th outside, but is sweet on the inside to run heavy online games and itunes, limewire and the internet all at once without causing my game to lag to much, what should i do to go about this, what sites, etc......btw i kno very very little about computers ive always just gone to best buy and bought them....thanks for your replies
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    First I would say limewire is a good way to get problems such as viruses. just my opinion others my say differently. The Gigbyte EP35-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard is a good cheap MOBO that should be reliable. The Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz 6MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor is the best bang for the buck in the Intel lineup. the Nvida 88oogt is a sweet video card, there are better but these are getting cheap in price, there are several brands but any will work well, but EVGA is the best in my opinion. go to the Gigbyte site and see what memory is on the approve list for the MOBO. and get at least 2 gig. of mem. the onboard sound and lan will work good on boards today. u will also need a harddrive, mouse, keyboard, and if the processor that u get does not come with one u will have to get a heatsink and fan, they generally come as a set. a power supply unit this is a great one CORSAIR CMPSU-520HX 520W ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply - Retail, do not get a cheap PSU as they can cause problems.

    I will give u a couple of sites that will help u with the build. read them first before starting any thing.
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    (1)Dude, don't forget a hard disc drive, and a couple of sticks of RAM, don't leave home without 'em. Well you can't actually leave home without them, so to speak.

    2) Forget the Pentium 4, that's so the day before yesterday.

    (3) here's a complete online book about building a computer; The hardware aspect of this is really outdated, but the overall principle is the same. and have similar tutorials.

    (4) Building a computer is probably easier than you think.
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    you see im just having the problem that i want to spend 1000 dollars or under but i want alot of memory like 4gb and a kickass sound card and video card to run the online games but theres just so many items and sites out there how am i to find the perfect parts and stuff for "my new comp". like i say i know absolutely nothing about comps or the abbriviations like the capital letters lol im not sure what any of it means. sorry im a newb.

    also what would be the best CPU(processor) for a good gaming comp? like quad core or due or what? and what is a good wattage for a power supply, is 680W good?

    plus what do you look for if i was to buy a new case... how do i know the motherboard i will buy will fit in the case? if i wanted to keep the case i have at home what would i look at on the case i already have to see if a new the EVGA nforce 780i SLI Motherboard - A1 Version, NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI, Socket 775, ATX, Audio, PCI Express 2.0, Dual Gigabit LAN, S/PDIF, USB 2.0, Firewire, Serial ATA, do i kno if that will fit in the case i have or not?
  11. Bluesteel24

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    also what would be the best CPU(processor) for a good gaming comp? like quad core or due or what? and what is a good wattage for a power supply, is 680W good?
  12. Bluesteel24

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    plus what do you look for if i was to buy a new case... how do i know the motherboard i will buy will fit in the case? if i wanted to keep the case i have at home what would i look at on the case i already have to see if a new the EVGA nforce 780i SLI Motherboard - A1 Version, NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI, Socket 775, ATX, Audio, PCI Express 2.0, Dual Gigabit LAN, S/PDIF, USB 2.0, Firewire, Serial ATA, do i kno if that will fit in the case i have or not?
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    You have listed a budget limit, so "best CPU" is relative. The best CPU that could be worked it your price range is the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400. This CPU is generally regarded as the best price vs. performance buy available at the present.

    If it's a good 680 Watt supply. An honest 680 watt PSU would be enough for even most "SLI" or "Crossfire" (2 video cards) system.

    Check out the "Antec 900" gaming case.
  14. Bluesteel24

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    thanks man, but just wondering what is wrong with the quad or tio core?
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    There isn't particularly anything wrong with using a Tri or quad core, other than the main point that it is more expensive for marginal performance gains when you consider the average software a user is running. If you are into video production or heavy into digital graphics having 2+ cores is nice, since programs that do that kind of work can actually take advantage of them. Some games are multi core as well. A lot of programs however, are not truly designed for multi core, so processing power often gets wasted.
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    well that sort of narrows it down so you are saying if i was to buy this exact setup down to a tee id have a kick *** gaming system. one question. why did they go with 1GB RAM and not higher?
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    Irrelevant, Immaterial, and out of Order.....

    No! No! No! Pay that article no mind, it's obsolete! I think even Julio would tell you that. Besides, if you planned to use Vista as an OS, 1GB of RAM would just barely boot it.

    That article is almost 2 years old. It really doesn't apply to today's parts. When was the last time you saw an E6300 even mentioned as "state of the art". The E6300 is more or less a replacement part now, for older boards that don't have 1333Mhz FSBs. It's a 1066 Mhz FSB CPU. All of the E6X5X and E8XXX will outperform that chip. And they're mostly in the same price range.

    Newegg lists the E6300 @ 159.95 and it's out of stock. That CPU runs @ 1.86Ghz. The E8400 is at Newegg for $169.95, it runs @ 3.0 Ghz and it's in stock.
  19. Bluesteel24

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    ok so where could i find an article like this one with parts of today?
  20. captaincranky

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  21. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Indeed, as cap stated above, we can recommend a very specific build given a budget and your location. As an alternative, you can also check out the recently-updated TS System Buying Guide.
  22. Bluesteel24

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    thanks but i am i have been doing nothing but taking my comp apart and examining all the parts and such...and no im not sure the effect that some parts will have when put with one another so im still looking. ive read alot of reviews and such. i have an ati radeon 9200 128MB and a nvidia GeForce 8500GT 512MB do i decipher which is better?
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    Did You Get the License Number......?

    I wonder how the original poster, "chronocloud" made out with his computer. The last post this person made was on June 7, 2005.
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    The 8500GT is the better card. The 8-series is far newer than the Radeon 9200 and has better performance overall due to the new architecture, so it performs far better. ATI's newest HD 4xxx series is fantastic too, with solid-performing cards being available for pretty cheap. The best bang-for-buck buy right now is the 512MB 8800GT, being available for roughly $130-140 on average and delivering fantastic performance while at it.
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    thanks ive heard recomendations for the 8800gt too. people have also told me that if i wish to run more than one instance of an online game such as star wars galaxies or WOW i need a quad core and not a dual core?
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