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May 16, 2007
  1. Hi im new in this site and my cpu fan is really loud i could b down the hall way and i can still hear it is that normal??? well i dont think so. i bought a new Fan name (CoolerMaster) but didn't really work so should i buy a better fan or what???? Plz help me out here cuz i'll b deaf soon cuz of that pc.... if u need some info or anything leave me a msg i can't take it anymore

  2. CMH

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    Some fans are really loud, and I don't think yours is as loud as some I've used :D

    You can easily change the fan over to another one thats quieter, but you'd have to be sure which fan is the noisy one first, and replace that one (or all the noisy ones).

    If you have a cheap power supply, chances are that the fan is in the power supply itself. In that case, you might have to buy yourself a new power supply. Or change the fan in it yourself, which may be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. has a list of recommendations for quiet fans. You should be able to find some fans locally which are on that list. Bear in mind you'd have to look for that exact model, as the same makers may make very noisy (but very powerful) fans as well.

    Also, if you're using the stock Intel CPU heatsink and fan, you will need to change the whole heatsink and fan to quieten the PC. For that, there's a whole list of aftermarket CPU coolers. For your use, I think the Zalman 7700 should suffice. Its not the best around, nor the quietest, but its very good value for money.
  3. 3ffect89

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    ok thx a lot i'll try it and make u know... I have another question can my case cuz the sound also cuz its small or watever???
  4. zipperman

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    Coolmaster installation

    I installed a Coolmaster.Quiet as a mouse.
    Did you follow the instructions ?
    Mine required removeing the Motherboard
    and adjusting how it was seated.
    And useing the paste properly.
    This is a very technical installation.
    I'd get it done by a repair shop.
  5. 3ffect89

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    i got my fan very silent now its really cool :D on BIOS i switch for low fan i didn't know that b4 and also i put my side fan from my case face-to-face with my cpu fan rly works so if u wanna try go ahead if not get a Zalman 7700 apperently it works goo luck for the others :D
  6. Tmagic650

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    I'm looking for some more silent options for a couple of builds too
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