It's only My Illusion

By MyIllusions
Jul 25, 2005
  1. Hi All, :wave:
    I'm not to sure what I'm doing! I'm want to set up a home network, I've been working on this for 3 - 4 mo.
    (OK now that you are falling to the floor),
    I'm also wanting to set up a desktop for my young son that needs his laptop for "talking" (he can't talk) he is just 7 and will start the first grade.
    And I would like to "clean out" 4 other computers........(last on the list)
    I hope you all can take some time with me, I do know a little about computers but not much..... I want to learn more so In on line "lookin' up "
    Thanks again...........and remember It's only MyIllusions
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    Welcome to TechSpot

    Kick yer shoes off and make yer self at home!
  4. MyIllusions

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    Well, Thank you for the "Welcome" It is sure nice to see yhat ther are "people" out there....(Some forums don't know that).
    I did take off my shoes, about 2 mo. ago and have not seen them after that!! LOL I started the "ball rolling".......... but I think it keep going...after reading the link, I cant find the ball at all !!
    This is whats going on, I got 2 computers and a laptop networked...(kinda)all that run windows xp home. On the computers I can see the work group and all shared folders even the shared folders on the laptop.....this is good But on the laptop, I can only see the laptop, and its shared folders.
    whem I ping the others, it reads network path not found.
    1 more ? if you don't mind, I have other competers all with windows, some running 95 others with 98. 1 I would like to clean out all old file and stuff to get my Dad started, he just learned "that is the POWER button. As for the rest, maybe set 2 of them up, for the kids, on the network I'm trying to set up. The others, got any Ideas?????? Maybe a "storage for files type thing" or add on to the Other computers..................
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