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itunes 7.3 for vista

By dancestar920 ยท 6 replies
Jun 30, 2007
  1. i have vista and i deleted my old itunes and installed itunes 7.3. But when i click on the icon to open it this messgae comes up:

    The folder "itunes" cannot be found or created and is required. The default location for this folder is inside the "My Music" folder.

    And when i open the My Music folder it says I have denied permission to access this folder.
    The itunes message only comes up on my username. Itunes works on everyone elses name.

    Please help!!!
  2. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595

  3. dancestar920

    dancestar920 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i tried tht and it doesnt work. and i just looked that when i go under properites for my music then security then advanced, under permissions it says the folder denies everyone. im thinking it shouldnt say that.
  4. thebaronjocelin

    thebaronjocelin TS Enthusiast Posts: 158

    If any moderators happen to stumble across this, can you move it to a different section?

    I know that technically, iTunes is an audio-related program, but this is really more of a software issue than an audio or video issue.

    And Dancestar, I'm not doing this to spite you or anything. It makes it much easier for those in need of an answer in the future to find, if it's in the subcategory that best fits it.
  5. Char_X

    Char_X TS Rookie Posts: 170

  6. dancestar920

    dancestar920 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    just to be sure is it safe?
  7. Char_X

    Char_X TS Rookie Posts: 170

    I've downloaded by myself and nothing bad happened :) it's safe
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