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I've lost my Google ADDRESS BAR

By Dinrock ยท 10 replies
Sep 9, 2003
  1. Lost my ADDRESS BAR in Google. I have IE6 and already tried VIEW>TOOLBARS and checkmarked "address bar" & still it doesn't come up.
    This of course is the bar just under the one with BACK BUTTON,
    HOME, REFRESH & SEARCH icons. Not the TOOLBAR I lost, but actual ADDRESS BAR.
    How to regain it? I am perplexed! Any feedback?

    Thank you all!

  2. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,218

    It should be listed as Google Toolbar under VIEW>TOOLBARS if you are talking about the google toolbar search thing. If it isn't listed there then you may have accidentally removed it. Just go back to www.google.com and get it again, no big deal, nothing to panic over.
  3. poertner_1274

    poertner_1274 secroF laicepS topShceT Posts: 3,874

    I have found for some reason that these things get mixed up every once in a while.

    On a friends PC, if I clicked on the NAV toolbar, it would bring up or put away the google toolbar, and vice versa. Check all of them and see if it appears or disappears after that.
  4. MattG

    MattG TS Rookie Posts: 106

    going back to google and running the install should fix this problem for you.

    try what Poe said too.
  5. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,318

    In Internet Options -> Advanced you'll probably need to have 3rd party browser extensions support ticked as well.
  6. 1954jb

    1954jb TS Rookie


    I had the same problem. I found that the address bar, although checked, was at the extreme right hand side of Google's home page (to the right of a vertical dot separater like the one when you unlock your task bar at bottome of desktop). Just slide the vertical separater to the left and the address bar appears. You can rearrange it's position by dragging it.

  7. Al macdonald

    Al macdonald TS Rookie

    I did this and retrieved my address bar, thanks a million Jack

  8. sb4

    sb4 TS Rookie

    unlock toolbar

    Before using the above method to restore your address bar, don't forget to uncheck the "lock the toolbars" item, or you still won't be able to stretch or drag the address bar down where you want it. When toolbars are unlocked, the vertical separator bar is dotted rather than solid.
  9. Al macdonald

    Al macdonald TS Rookie

    I managed to find it, thanks to techspot notice boards. I won't lose it again


    Al macdonald
  10. gfekety

    gfekety TS Rookie

    in the upper right hand corner clik on the 'maximize' block and your tool bar should pop right up. Worked for me and to the 4 others I have recommended it to.
  11. almac46

    almac46 TS Rookie Posts: 26

    Lost Address Bar

    Thanks to everyone who assisted in resolving this problem. It's been a while since I logged in to Techspot.com but this will be rectified soon.

    Thanks again

    Kindest regards

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