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Job Listings

By John Murphy
Dec 26, 2006
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  1. Don't know if this is a proper place to do this, but I'm a senior IT manager in the federal govt. Best thing I've done in this job is bring in some good people to help make an Internet portal better. Primary functions we offer are browsing on www.firstgov.gov, and an Internet search engine of all government docs in federal, state, tribal, territorial, local govt. sites. Mainly dedicated to serving the public to make it easier for them to find government information and services without having to browse 24 major agencies and all their mini sites.

    Have a couple of neat jobs open: (1) a Search librarian - someone who works with our search vendor on improving the presentation -- relevancy and precision -- of our search function (which is outsourced) and (2) a Web Analytics Manager who helps to mine data so we can make useful decisions on how to improve our services.

    If appropriate, the announcements of these jobs can be found on Backpage.com or on www.gsa.gov under GSAJobs.

    Announcements # 070004826DE (Search Librarian) or 070004726DE (Web Analytics).

    I can tell you that there are some super dedicated people in our office that want to continue making improvements for our visitors. Government jobs are very, very steady and have lots of good benefits including matching 401K, good retirement plans, good insurance, etc.
  2. soloplax

    soloplax TS Rookie

    Hi John Murphy, it is really good to see there are people like you looking out for people like myself. I admire unselfish acts and I really get inspired if someone is trying to help others making something from themselves. I tell you if I didn't live abroad (South Africa) I wouldn't have thought twice about taking up your offer.

    This is the Christmas Season and I just want to wish you a really blessed New Year for you and your family for giving to others as well.
    Take care.
  3. John Murphy

    John Murphy TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Glad you were pleased. Have a good 2007.

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