Joker lets you stream any movie torrent with nothing but a link

Justin Kahn

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A site known as Joker has starting grabbing some attention for its torrent streaming capabilities. The likely illegal service allows users to stream torrent video content without downloading the entire file, similar to what we have seen with Popcorn Time.

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chip igmo

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I'm sorry. is this a joke? :)

these 'awesome' developers should be hired by the movie and tv industry so that all titles are catered to those who want the copies legally, fast, and cheap. no downtime since no additional hardware is laid on the ground or undersea, no new equipment is installed.


Works very well with TPB porn links, can confirm. Wouldn't use it for standard 1080p Blu-ray x264 releases, player video output is not good quality, VLC quality at best. No CUVID decoder, madVR renderer(or at least bicubic resizer), volume normalization etc.