Jumbo frame switch - router question

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I would like to know if i can have the next thing:

I have 2 pcs and a router, but would like to put a smc jumbo frame support switch 8 ports between the PCs and connect the switch to the router.

I know that a jumbo frame means a large packet but would like to know if i can still connect with the router without any problem!

Is there any problem in connecting a jumbo frame switch and a router???

Also, i would need 2 network cards with jumbo frames, sure???
Thanks a lot!


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Yes you can connect the switch just fine. It will/should auto-detect the peers capable of jumbo frames and use the feature on those ports.

Jumbo frames are a feature of gigabit ethernet so if you have 1000Mbit NICs then you probably already have jumbo frame support - just enable it in the driver properties. Your switch will work just fine with any other ethernet card with no problems too so there is no need to go out and buy anything.
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