Just a BIG hello!!

By funguseater
Nov 24, 2007
  1. Hi all. Just thought I would introduce myself and see what's happenin around the forum. I am currently runnin Vista on Pentium D rig and boy is it fun (unless you actually want to acomplish anything). Don't get me wrong though, I actually like trying to get things running and then get bored when they do.

    I live in beautifull Powell River , BC Canada, where I spend alot of time hiking, fishin and cleaning my bong. Hee Hee. I have been gaming since the days of the XT (and even have an old Wang VAX from the 70's) I love old games like Planescape, Fallout and the original Mechwarrior.

    Anyway I hope to offer as much help as I get so talk to ya later.
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