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By bamagurl_62
Sep 4, 2007
  1. Hi Everyone,
    I'm not very good at writing about myself but here goes; I live in the South and I fell in love with working on pc's when we bought a used pc for our children about 12 years ago. I spent more time working on that old thing than actually using it. Since then I have purchased 2 new computers, a HP Pavilion in 2000, (the grandkids now play on) and a Dell Dimension 2400 in Nov 2005 ( the Problem Pc). In my spare time I still work on old pc's, most senior citizens can't afford new pc's so I keep win98 alive for them (at No Charge). If you know the right words pc's mind a lot better than kids...LOL. Well that's enough for now so From my House to Yours, I wish you A Great Day,
    Bamagurl_ 62
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