Just bought a new hard drive and have a question

By Symbolite
Jan 9, 2008
  1. Hi, let me give you some background so you'll be able to figure out what im talking about.

    For the past few years ive had a computer with 2 internal hard drives (Master 160GB, Slave 40GB), the slave was from my old computer. Recently that slave drive died on me, luckily i was able to save all the information to the master drive before it completely died.

    Last week i purchased a brand new 160 GB drive to replace the Slave and installation went great. Now here comes my question.

    In the past whenever i needed to do a total system restore the computer would clean the C Drive (Master) to store bought status while not touching the D Drive (Slave) which was great because i could save all the info i needed. Now that i have a new Hard Drive in place of the old Slave will i be able to do a system restore and have the info i need kept safe intact on my new hard drive? One note: The new slave drive is named M instead of D. Just though id throw that out there incase it made a difference though i think it doesn't.

    Reason i ask is because i didn't install the old slave so i don't know if there is something i need to do to make sure what i want to happen happens. Also i want to make sure that after the restore my computer won't ask me to format the slave drive. That also would be bad news for my files.

    Thanks for the help .
  2. Nodsu

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    This sort of depends on what restore program you are using. Most likely it will still restore only your primary hard drive.
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