just built my computer having problems with XP 2000 professional

By enyawd ยท 5 replies
Dec 23, 2006
  1. computer powers up fine but it won't fully bootup. i get a message has it's telling me that my system stop operating due to a hardware or system change. then it's asking me to choose from XP professional or Microsoft window recovery console. I try both of these put nothing worked. tried safe mode nothing happen is well. I installed new motherboard, cpu, memory but kept the hard drive. I'm confused as to why it's not booting.
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    When you change a mobo you usually have to reinstall xp!!
  3. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    yep thats right.. just stick the windows xp cd and choose "Repair" installation when the cd boots up..
  4. enyawd

    enyawd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ya, but that the problem...it's not doing that...it's weird...i must be doing something wrong
  5. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    go back and try with a barebones setup
  6. Liquidlen

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    Your title implies an XP/2000 dual boot arrangment. Is this the case?
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