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By AlanHo
Jul 28, 2007
  1. I have just joined the forum - having found it via Google. It looks to be a nice place to visit.

    I am from Solihull UK and retired - so I now have the time to indulge in my hobbies which includes computing. I am far from being an expert but I have had to solve so many mistakes I have made over the years that I can often solve similar problems for others.

    I am currently climbing the learning curve of a new computer loaded with Vista Ultimate and Office 2007.
  2. seun

    seun TS Rookie

    system problem

    i have install the anti-spyware,yet it is coming up on my system each time i on my system.i mean "c:\window\system\isass.exe". i will be glad if i get useful imformation.
  3. LXIX

    LXIX TS Rookie Posts: 108

    uh what? hello? lol...
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