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By Kirs
Jan 24, 2007
  1. Hey, I posted a thread a while back about my comp not working, thinking it was the case that was faulty...

    Well, I have since then gotten a new mboard (ASUS A7N8X-X), a new processor (AMD Athlon XP 2400+), a new computer case, and a new power supply. When I have my old power supply hooked up, I'll turn the on/off switch to ON and the CPU fan will spin for a second, then stop. Also, the mboard light will go on for a second, then turn off.

    Now, when I tried hooking up the new power supply, it doesn't have an on/off switch, but I plugged it in, and nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    I just don't understand, these types of problems suck hard. =/

    Anybody have any suggestions whatsoever? I just can't get my computer to work. The only thing new I don't have is a vid card and an HD. But they should be working fine...
  2. foozy

    foozy TS Rookie Posts: 139

    Sounds like a toasty motherboard. Did you build the machine? Is this your first time building one? Did the computer fail on first powerup?
  3. Jay00001

    Jay00001 TS Rookie

    One of the things I have learned is that OEM machines rarely supply more th a 250 w or 350 w power supply. Varying power will make added 1K DRR ram act erratic
    Another is there are all levels of motherboard buss rates. 1000 gHz is pretty reasonableb a a lot of OEM stuff especially low end on sale wont That will slow down any game especially if there is no dedicated video card which is another thing most OEM Machines wont have unless your in the $1500 range.
    If you lack a 500w or better PS with surge prevention, high.low current regulation and other nice stuff including 3 fans, LED's switchs and the like there isnt much point in sticking in extra ram or especially a 256 DRR2 Ram dedicated video card with its own fan and lots other good stuf as you wont have the power.
    Another thing to look at is their is a big difference in a dedicated video card no matter how high end it seems with 256 DDR2 ram and fan, is what kind of socket do you have in your mother board for it. If its PCI its slowwww. If its AGP 4 is might have twice the band width than PCI if its AGP 8X even fast all with same mother board and ram. To really make it fly put in the same dedicated video/graphics to you pro's card with a PCIe slot connection if your mother board has one. I'd make a wild guess a PCIe would be like 16 times faster than a PCI especially if it hadd 256 mb of its own DDR2 ram and cooling fan but there you go again needing a 500w or better PS.
    Of course saying you have 1 gb of DRR ram kind of doesnt mean much does it when it could be PC2100 DRR 1gb instead of P4000 DRR 1 GB RAM which runs at 400 mHz instead of the 133 gHz the slower 1 GB RAM chip runs at
    Same is true for the CPU. You can have an 2.4 gHz AMD64 bit 2100 or and AMD 64 4000+ which has 400 mHz An 2.4 gHz AMD 64 4000+ will run like 10 slower than a Dual Core AMD 64 depending on model and faster than some: certainly a heck of a lot faster than a 3.3 gHz Dual Core Celeron or even Pentium Dual Core.

    Unless you built it yourself or bought an expandable really high end off the shelf computer or a Gamer Computer, trying to make a 2.4 gHz Pentium 4 in a Compaq of the shelf Presario with just a mother board and no PCIe slots and a 250w PS 1 HDD drive two optical drives, a floppy and 256 MB of PC 2100 DDR RAM is like pushing a rope, or so I found when the video blew on the Presario the Insurance Company gave me after said was eqaul to my old one
    With all the Jan rebates I just bought a new motehr board with 4 pci, 2 PCIe, 1000 mHz Buss 2.4 gHz AMD 64 PC4000+, Graphis card with 4 USB 2, PCIe slot 256 DDR2 RAM with fan with HDTV our etc, 8 channel Dolby 7.1 Sound card PCI only avaible on all sound cards so it must not matter lots more, 700 w ps with LED 3 fans, CPU Cooler, and 1 GB of P3200 400 mHz DDR RAM (has 3 more DIMM slots for up to 4 GB or DDR RAM all vista ready or able for $460 delivered to use with my case, HDD Drive, two Optical DRives, one is a CD rom the other a muli use DVD burner, 3.5 floppy, fax modem card, 6 USB 2 expansion card. The rebate came to $240. Im looking forward to much improvement over a no graphics or sound card 256 MB DRR PC2100 RAM 2.4 gHz dog.
    Jay0001, not a techie and too old at 70 to worry about it but it had to be fixed so I did.
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