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K8N neo2 random shutdowns

By 2Maximas
May 13, 2007
  1. OK,
    Here is my problem.
    I have the above board, 1 gig mem, 250 gig H/D, ATI video card. However I do not believe the hardware (execpt the M/B) is the problem. I THINK that the problem is motherboard...maybe bios? related. I have tweaked on the bios, loaded the latest bios, and tried default bios settings as well as my tweaked ones.

    Here is how the problem presents itself. When running windose XP (all service packs and updates installed) the machine will randomly shutdown.(regardless of what progs I am running or what I am doing) I am using a PS2 keyboard and a USB mouse. The reason I mention this is that I have seen many complaints of problems with PS2 keyboard and mouse. Now, this ONLY happens in Windose, if I am in the bios it will run for hours, or Memtest will run for days if I let it. in other words, it just will NOT shutdown EXCEPT in Windose XP......

    I have built MANY machines and have NEVER run into anything like this, it is NOT the power supply, nor grounding, nor video, nor heat issues, these are the first things I would (and have) checked for a problem like this. I bet I could load DOS and run the machine forever, but that is not an option.....obviously.

    Now I have, as I stated above, that the motherboard I have has had MANY complaints about problems similar to this and that they are related to the PS2 ports on the board. I am going to buy a USB keyboard right now to see if it has any effect on this problem. In the mean time if anyone on this site has ANY info that may help me PLEASE post your ideas.
    TIA......a million!!
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    It could be the motherboard, though I doubt it.
    Problems with the keyboard and mouse will almost never cause an automatic shutdown.
    You have reported nothing that leads me to suspect any BIOS issue.
    Hard drives are often an issue here. Have you downloaded and run the drive fitness test for that brand and model of hard drive? The test is available free from the manufacturer. Run it ten times.
    If you have an extra hard drive laying around, I would install Windows XP on ti and run some trials. Because as of now, it appears to be something on the hard drive... such as a defective Windows install or a defective driver.
    As you know, any defective component such as power supply, CPU fan, CMOS battery, video graphics card, sound card, modem, or hard drive can emit an intermittent spurious response which will automatically cause the system to shut down. Finding that component is tedius, but trading out the components, and testing after each one, will eventually bring fruit.
  3. beef_jerky4104

    beef_jerky4104 Banned Posts: 822

    I would think that it is probably the power supply. Since they are so overlooked just check yours. Perhaps its cheap or old?

    Please inform us better next post and correct your first post. The specs you gave us are very vage. Leaving me with questions such as who makes your memory? Is your video card AGP or PCIe. Is you video card and X300, X1900 PRO, etc. So please when telling us about your specs be less generic.
  4. 2Maximas

    2Maximas TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have already replaced the power supply with 2 different ones, that are/were working with with machines that had a much higher power demand, one was 450 watts the other 500 watts, and they, as I said were running in machines with a much higher power demand. Plus they are not el cheapo's either.

    You are right too, in that I have not given any symptoms that would indicate Bios.....it was just a gut feeling....nothing based in fact. The bios had been updated, and by default would have the mirror array disabled. I just figured that the shutdowns had corrupted the hard drives.

    I have replaced the keyboard with a USB model and NO it did not fix the problem......I am beginning to lean towards the H/D's they were set up in a mirrored array and then there was some type of failure. I built this machine for a friend, he could not get me on the phone (he had recently offered me a MLM deal and you know how that is, I was kinda avoiding him because of that, had no idea he had a computer problem!) I HATE MLM CRAP and I thought that was why he was calling...to see if I wanted in and if not, try and convince me to join, People, PLEASE don't MLM your friends!!!

    ANYWAY he got some guy that was a computer spurt. to look at it so I have no idea what has been messed with. The array is now GONE, the bios updated, and Heaven only knows what else this spurt has done, but the drives may VERY WELL be the problem. I will run the tests and report back....
    Thanks for the help, and if you have any more ideas, please post your ideas.
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