Kazaa to stand trial

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Jan 14, 2003
  1. "A United States Federal Judge ruled today that the MPAA and RIAA may proceed with their lawsuit against the parent company of KaZaA (hereafter, Kazaa), Sharman Networks. Sharman Networks had previously filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, raising issues of jurisdiction. Citing their headquarter's location in Australia plus the fact that the company was incorporated in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu...."

    OK, for a start, what on Earth does it have to do with the US what's going on in Australia or Vanuatu?

    "Sharman Networks may indeed have reason to be confident. In a case in late 2002, a Dutch court ordered Kazaa to shut down. The Kazaa "network" continued to operate despite the ruling, only temporarily suspending downloads of the client software. A Dutch court of appeals later overturned the lower court's decision, so Kazaa's back in business...."

    It certainly never stopped me from using Kazaa. You could not download the software from the web site but that was about it. And Kazaa is now running stronger than ever, its daily useage far outweighing Napster at its peak. I could be wrong, but I can't see Kazaa shutting down overnight.

    More here. And also here.
  2. SNGX1275

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    I think the reason the MPAA and the RIAA are involved outside of the US is because of US copyrights being violated. Although I admit I do not know the legal bindings copyrights made in the US in other countries (whether they are valid or not).

    Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to defend the MPAA and/or the RIAA. Merely answering a thought in Phantasm66's post.
  3. iss

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    gee.... what a suprise it was a federal judge in california.
  4. conradguerrero

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    So even if the evil empire shuts down Sharman Networks, there will be other sites that will have KaZaa lite to download. I cannot see a quick end to p2p as there are numerous people out there that act as super nodes in a specific area. They are hard to find though, I have only seen a few High level users and ONE 'supreme being'.
  5. Phantasm66

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    oh there's no end to P2P. it will just pop up somewhere else, even better than before, probably even easier to use and with even more files to download....
  6. poertner_1274

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    Don't you just love the way technology and thigns advance. I can't wait to see how things are in the future.
  7. Nick

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    haha yay maybe everyone will stop using all of att's bandwidth at night and ill get better ping times!!!
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