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Feb 6, 2006
  1. Having a problem with my home network connection disconnecting from the web constantly. The only way to make it hook back up is by unplugging the modem and router and waiting 30 seconds or so and then plugging them back in. How do I check if it is a bad router or bad modem? I assume it is one of them since it keeps knocking me off the web but the modem appears to be working(lights flashing).
    Any information would be greatly appreciated. :confused: :suspiciou
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    never had thatproblem with CAT5 (non-wireless). However, I do have that problem with my new wireless setup. What type (cable, DSL, satellite) of connection do you use? What kind of adaptar are you using? If the service is brand new check with the provider for tech support, otherwise if it is not on their end they will tell you to contact your adapter tech suport.
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    many different things here. you say home network.... how many comps? and same prob? if its just one comp, try not useing the router at all, and if more than one, try a hub (if you have one) also what happens if you hook directly to the modem? do you still get kicked?

    have you thought that you may have a network virus running back and forth? what OS? check your systems processes and the CPU useage's (cnt+alt+del) task manager etc. does the usage pulse>? as in up and down? have you pinged to the router with out any probs? and is the router wep enabled? if configured to the router's firewall, are all the packets porting properly? many many things at work here.

    good luck
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    To sumerise the two posts:

    -need more info on how your network is set up: make model router, modem, ISP and type of service, how many computers, how it is connected (cabled/wireless)
    -Check with your isp service see if they know what is causing the problem
    -using the computer closest to the modem connect to it directly using cable (cat5/usb) and see if the problem is still there
    -scan the four baddies: virus, mal/spy/adware
    -check firewall settings
    -Ctrl+Alt+del (task manager): check processes running, network status
    -goto the router config program, confirm all is correct
    -same thing with the modem

    and some of my own:
    -update firmware on modem and router
    -update drivers for pc's network card
    -check your passwords and username are correct and that the remember pw thing is enabled
    -try different cables between the phone line (if ADSL/dailup) and the router
    -goto run, type in cmd. Type in: ping xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx where x is the isp's home page, for example mine would be
    c:/windows: ping

    then if all is ok it would say something like:
    ping statistics for xxxxxxx: sent=4 recieve=4 loss=0 (0%loss)

    see if that helps
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    Having same problem here.

    I know this is an old post but I was googling for a similiar problem we are having and this is the exact same problem that we experiencing.

    When the internet connection is lost all we have to do is unplug the power to the router and plug it back it and then all is good for a couple of hours. However, having to do this is becoming more frequent as each day comes and goes. We noticed right before we began losing the connection my little brother has having problems with his xbox connection. He only shows to get one bar from the router while all the computers in the house get 4 to 5 bars. He even hardwired it to the router and still only got one bar. I'm not even 20 feet from the router right now and I am getting 4 bars. Shouldn't I be getting all five from this short distance?

    We run the broadband network through a Lynksys WRT160N router. It's only about 3 months old.

    Ethernet ADSL modem.

    AOL I believe is the ISP.

    3 Laptops, 2 game counsels (PS3 and Xbox 360), and one desktop, all laptops and game boxes are run off of wifi and only the desktop is hardwired to the router.

    It's too late to call Lynksys right now but I will call tomorrow.

    No viruses or mal/spy/adware on any of the computers scanned all of them before posting this.

    No firewall settings have been changed recently except for a couple of ports opened for quicker downloading but this was after the problem had already came up.

    I know that no one has messed with the modem as it has been around for awhile now never having any problems.

    It must be the router, right? I mean why does it work again for awhile after unplugging it then plugging it back in? Could a fairly new router be taking a dump?

    Pinging doesn't look very good. Averaging 277ms. Even lost one packet on the first test (4 sent, 3 received, 1 lost [25% loss]).

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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