kernal.exe troubles

By nish in exile
Aug 12, 2003
  1. OS is w2k server...problem is blue screen when trying to load win..error is kernal.exe fault.
    it happened after installing an onstream tape backup-echo software ver 2.1. i placed the drive as primary master,no slave-there is a secondary device,a cd rom...the boot device is scsi...after configing cmos the sys booted up fine and windows found the onstream,instalation process went smoth..asked for the onstream cd,loaded the echo software and then asked for a reboot. i was overjoyed because this device has been giving me problems for a long time.
    boot up
    blue screen...kernal.exe....great,just great. not able to boot into safe mode not able to use rconsole because the system will not recognize the admin pswrd...had to use the automatic emergeny recovery (no recovery disk option)..checked the physical disk, checked the folders...was able to find the windows 2000 folders...rebooted.
    blue screen
    so...what i think is this part of the OS has become corrupted by the echo software,somehow-and i wonder-i need to save the network data,permissions and policies etc, so what i plan to do is reinstall windows into a diferent dir,let it do it's thing and when the os is stable simply copy the needed folders overtop of the new this possible?keep the old registry and,well,most of the old information and only keep new what was corrupted in the old?
    make sense?



    words of wisdom?

    mocking laughter?
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    It's possible to install 2k using its repair option. It should save the old settings but that can also mean it'll save the tape software, so I'm not 100% sure that'll help. I don't think it'll hurt if you try however.
  3. nish in exile

    nish in exile TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well, it turns out to be a *software hive coruption*. Our networking guru at the shop found this out,and reccomended a slew of changes-but was pesimistic on the possibillities of salvaging the old OS.

    Onstream is simply evil.
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