Keyboard disable during the "NTLDR missing"

By johnquantran
Jan 22, 2008
  1. I am a newbie here and try to build a new computer. Here is my PC's spec:
    - Abit IP35 Mobo
    - Intell processor 6850
    - 2MB DRAM
    - 500GB Western Digital HD
    - Video card GeForce 8600 GT
    - Antec Sonata III Silence case
    - Dell keyboard and Mouse
    After reformat HD thru windows XP installation, I got the "NTLDR is missing".
    I use one of the program on line (from and it said "Windowsroot\System32\Hal.dll.
    When this program running, the keyboard is disable no matter what I did or change from the BIOS.
    Could someone help me please. Please please.
    What can I change to make the keyboard active during this program is running? Is there any other way to fix the NTLDR problem?
    Thank you very much if you can shed some light.
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