keyboard error

By ozzzy
Feb 26, 2005
  1. hi!
    how i got to this site was surfing the 'Internet" anyway, you guys going to bare with me 'cause i really don't know much about pc's but, i'll do my best...when this pc boots it reads main processor, memory and master drive, after that "keyboard error or no keyboard present'" appears., i did some research y already did a few test, i even test another keyboard and also a usb adapter, and still the same. I can not even go into BIOS 'cause I dont have a keyboard, so the ? is how can I enter BIOS with out a keyboard, some one said Halt BIOs, How can i do that... thanks people..ozzzy
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    Its most likely a faulty motherboard.
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