Keyboard / Mouse Keyboard fine. Fitted new HDD. Keyboard now non-responsive.

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Hi there

Stupidly I thought i could replair an apparently broken HDD instead of just buying a new desktop.

I bought a new western digitial 120 HDD, extra RAM, a DVD-RW and windows XP (to replace 98).

Upon fitting the hardware, I discovered the keyboard no longer works, though it works fine on my parents PC. The num, caps and scroll locks briefly light up when plugged in but the go dark and stay unlit when the PC is switched on. There are no 'keyboard not detected' messages when the keyboard is plugged in (but this does occur when I pull the cable out).

What could it be? Is it port problem, or something worse? I have tried taking out all of the additional hardware except for the HDD, but this makes no difference.

The upshot is that BIOS is unaccessible.

Any advice would be warmly appreciated.

Not open for further replies.