keyboard hotkeys!

By x0rsist
Jan 19, 2007
  1. Heeeeyy people!
    Not sure where to put this but here goes!A lil incident with my mothers laptop(whole cup of mocha over the keyboard :O )has ended up gettin off very lightly with only the space bar and the letter B not working atall.

    SO until we can work out if its fixable, while im sure it isnt, or get a small usb keyboard for it, i wondered about setting a keyboard shortcut to act as either button, if it is possible. I know many things about pcs but its lil things like this i dont have a clue about ;P. So anyway my question is is there anyway to map a shortcut like say [lt + g] for the sake of example to act as the b key when typing and somehting similar for the spacebar?
    P.S i do know about the acessability onscreen keybord but that is annoying her too much lmao.
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