keyboard & mouse not seen by win2k @ startup

By frank_d
May 19, 2004
  1. I use 2 computers
    one has a 120 Gig HD/Win 2k 256 RAM and the other one a 30 Gig 512 RAM WinXp
    I have to to interchange the the HDs
    (an old USRobotics has to be on the smaller comp and lesser memory, and Photoshop CS is to be installed on the larger one)....
    When I install the 30 gig on the other computer it starts Ok in the DOS, mouse and keyboard function. but when the windows comes on I can't use neither the keyboard nor the mouse.
    the screen stays there staring at me asking for password!!!
    (I have tried changing bothKB and the mouse, unplagged them, started on safe mode, kicked tires, said nasty things ... no way)

    Is there anyway of making Windows see these KB and mouse?

    When I re-install it's own HD (smaller) it works, it sees them, but doesn't when I use the large HD!
  2. Rick

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    That's a tough one.

    What I might suggest is getting a USB keyboard and mouse to troubleshoot. It could be some sort of conflict with your PS/2 ports or even missing system / driver files.

    A Windows 2000 repair may also fix this problem:

    Of course, that's kind of a general-purpose fix and doens't really nail down your problem. It may not even work at all, but it is still a possibility...
  3. Rick

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  4. Nodsu

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    You can't jut put a WIndows installation from one computer to anothr unless the hardware is identical.

    Put the HDs back to their original hosts. Then remove all machine specific drivers in the Device Manager. Then put the HD in the other machine and let it detect all the "new" devices.

    Or just do Windows Repair with the drives in their new hosts.
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