Keyboard pin stuck in PS2 input on motherboard

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So I was hoping somebody on here has resolved this issue before and can offer some advice...

I have a Soyo motherboard and apparently some ***** yanked the keyboard out of the ps2 input too quickly and I believe that the black middle pin is stuck in the port. I have no desire to solder a new port on this board because I would probably mess it up even more. A new motherboard is not an option either.

So, does anyone have any tips or ticks on how to get the offending piece out of the input? P.S. I can't use a USB Keyboard because I have the "USB Keyboard Support" turned off in the BIOS. Also I can't boot into XP either because I have the bios setup to halt on errors. I Have to hit the "F1 Key", which I can not do. THANKS!

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Try At Your Own Risk!

Just a suggestion (AKA, try at your own risk!), get a toothpick and put a dab of super glue on the end. Then stick it on the broken off piece. Make sure not to get any on the rest of the port. Most super glue will instantly bond with plastic and you only need to put a tiny, tiny, tiny amount on the toothpick. Once it dries, should be about 20 seconds, pull it out. If that doesn't work, get a really big hammer and pull a Tim Allen on it! :knock:


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yeah, superglue should work. but if you have no luck, i'd try using a razor sharp knife to whttle away the edges of the PLASTIC near the hole, exposing enough of the pin to gte it out with tweezers/said method.


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If you are talking about the black thick pin in the middle, then there is hope. The black middle pin is plastic. It is designed to protect the pins and make the keyboard connect correctly. Like for some people who don't know which way to turn the keyboard plug before plugging it in, they will just keep pushing the plug in at different rotations until it fits. Well for those wrong pushes the black pin will protect the other fragile pins from being bent.

So what I'm saying is....if you cannot get the broken black pin out, then just use a PS2 plug with a snapped off middle pin and before you plug it in, make sure that the plug is exactly aligned with the right pins. Then boot up and go into the BIOS and turn your USB keyboard support back on. That way you could always just use a USB keyboard from now on.
Hope what I said helped some...
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