Keyboard problem

By BarrieJ
Aug 27, 2008
  1. I am having problems with a keyboard/mouse combo. The keyboard will not work until the machine has booted up.
    I need to repair my XP OS that is on a dual boot with Vista. Windows cannot load the hive and I am trying to get to a restore point with the XP installation disk in order to correct the Registry.
    So I cannot boot to the OS disk or anything that has to use the keyboard before bootup. Vista automatically boots up first, so that is working.
    Can anyone spread some light on this problem? I would appreciate it. Barrie Beckman
  2. InsaneVr6

    InsaneVr6 TS Booster Posts: 221

    I dont know how old your PC is which could be key here. I know that older PC's that used the ps2 cables for the keyboard and mouse do not support USB keyboards until windows boots. This occurs because windows xp and later support USB keyboards and mice but the computer's BIOS will not. If your computer has a ps2 port than i suggest getting your hands on a ps2 keyboard/mouse until you can fix your xp

    Now, you stated that you are dual-booting xp AND vista which means:
    you took an OLD pc with ps2 cables and threw the best stuff in it to run both OS's
    your computer is new and can handle everything you are running

    Hope i helped a bit. Give more details and i can probobly help you out some more.
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