Keyboard problems please help

By DontHateMeCozIm
Oct 28, 2006
  1. Recently i attempted to login to windows when i found out that my keyboard was not allowing me to type my password in, my mouse works fine but my keyboard freezes on login screen. After further investigation it seemed that my keyboard was fine, i could still use it up to the login screen, then the keyboard would freeze disallowing me from entering windws. I thought that it would be disabled in the bios so i went to the bios and eveything seemed to be fine. I then used 3 different keyboards 2 of the old port connection and 1 of the USB connection, and all did the same thing(freeze when i got to the login screen). I tried to enter my computer in safe mode and it still froze my keyboard, now i am all out of ideas and im despritly seeking help from some one. If anyone has any information please help.

    I have a AMD CPU

    Contact email priz_fighta@hotmail
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