Kill NTLDR so 3rd Party Boot Loader can work

By khakisheep
Sep 16, 2005
  1. My task is a relatively simple one. Install 150+ exact copies of Windows XP onto separate bootable partitions. After several days of attempts, trys, softwares, frustrations and far far far too many installs of XP I'm about to give up. :mad:

    The original problem arose when I found out NTLDR cannot handle more than 10 bootable OS's in its menu. So then many options for 3rd party boot loaders arose....attempts at using any of them have failed. I cannot keep logical partitions from using NTLDR and then building a menu off of my main primary partition. So thus I cannot boot 100's of partitions as all these softwares claim that I can. I'm completely stuck here.

    What key little point am I missing, there has to be something tiny and ridiculous that I've overlooked. I read all the time that people say they boot lots of OS's, not many beyond 10 though, so I'm not certain anyone knows the answer to this.

    I've googled for tutorials and searched forums for a week now, its Friday and I'm abandoning this project early next week unless I can find feasible ways to accomplish this. Anyone who has ideas please share them! Find my simple mistake and point it out to me please. I'll check back on Monday, hopefully there will be some answers!

    Thanks all!!
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