Kingston Value RAM - 2 Week Lifespan!?

By jessebeetle
Mar 1, 2006
  1. About two weeks ago I bought a 1 gig stick of Kingston Value RAM (PC27000) for my HP ZD7000 lappy. I installed it and it worked fine. I was actually very satisfied with the performace of the cheap memory. However the other day I turned on my computer, it reached the Windows screen and then restarted itself. I believe some kind of stop error popped up but I'm not sure. I saw Windows and then BAM my computer was already rebooting. Anyways, it did the same thing when it finished restarting. So I turned off my computer and decided to try to remove the memory I installed. Presto, my computer starts up just fine. I put the Kingston memory back in and the same thing happened.

    Now today (all this happened a two days ago) I decided to try to see what happenes if I took out the 512 stick that came with my lappy and only put in the Kingston gig. I put it in and turned on my computer. Nothing happened. The screen stayed black, after about 5-10 sec it made two beeps and just stayed there. I have no clue what this means. So I removed the Kingston memory once again and put the 512 back in. Works fine.

    I was careful when I worked with my memory. I always wore an electrostatic wriststrap when handling it and never touched anything other than the sides. I just don't know what this could be. My computer takes this kind of memory and can hold up to 2 gigs max (this would be 1.5 gig if the memory I bought was working). Any ideas?

    I bought the memory from Best Buy but I'm not sure how stores are about returning installed memory. Anyone have any experiance with returning memory to stores? I just don't want to go up to return it and have the people as Best Buy telling me I messed up the memory and they aren't going to take it back.

    Er...HELP! <3
  2. OpTiMuSpRiMe

    OpTiMuSpRiMe TS Rookie Posts: 156

    you can return it cause it is not your fault the memory is not working... they will have their geek squad test it more than likely though so you should be ok.. i would take it in there and tell them that they need to see what it wrong with it since their product is what is not working..tell them all the steps and precautions that you had taken while installing the memory..good luck
  3. Helixeagle

    Helixeagle TS Rookie Posts: 17

    Personally i wouldnt buy value RAM, its cheaply manufactured, put some more money and get some crucial or something, its worth it in the long run...
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