Klipsch promedia 2.1 vs. GMX A-2.1

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May 2, 2004
  1. Klipsch is selling refurbished products cheap and I am in the market for a 2.1 system. They are selling both their origonal ProMedia 2.1 and their newer GMX A-2.1 for $99, which would you recomend? The ProMedia's have a THX certification and the sub has 130watts, while the GMX's dont have the THX certification and the sub only has 75watts. But I have heard that the GMX 2.1 is the best 2.1 system out there so I dont know.

    I'm confused, what should I buy?
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    Common guys/gals. $ of u have looked at this post, someone respond.
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    those sound like excellent deals since klipsch products have awesome sound (i had the original 5.1 and now i have the ultra 5.1 promedias) but their life span is less then stellar - im on my third pair now (having returned two 5.1s till i got the ultras). for 99 bucks and a warranty you should def get them tho - the bass is insane - sweet sweet bass (if only my neighbors didnt complain :D )
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    i have the klipsch pro media 2.1 speakers. i have been both impressed and disappointed with them at times.

    when i first got the speakers, the subwoofer didn't work at all, so i had to send all of it back to get a new set. when i finally recieved it, i was AMAZED with the sound, mostly with the bass. the subwoofer if by far the highlight of the system.

    only real problem i have out of it now is i get alot of static with the speakers. if i have the volume set, it is fine. but it seems like maybe dust or a loose connection inside the volume knob on the control is causing alot of static when adjusting the volume.

    so i don't know. the quality really doesn't seem to be there, even though i thought they were a pretty respectable manufacturer.... then again, maybe it's just my crappy luck with getting lemons...
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