know where i can download Creative Webcam NX Pro software?

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Apr 9, 2005
  1. i bought this webcam over a year ago. since then i've lost the disk & gotten a new computer. well, i'd like to set it back up again, but i can't find the software anywhere. if anyone could point me in the right direction, i'd really appreciate it. :) here's what came with it:

    Bundled Software

    Creative PC-CAM Center
    Creative WebCam Monitor
    ArcSoft® PhotoImpression 4
    ArcSoft Multimedia Email
    Microsoft® NetMeeting®
  2. Liquidlen

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  3. mvlas

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    same problem

    Already a solution for your problem? I have a new pc for few days and cannot installation CD.

  4. james30263

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  5. gregofvt

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    Does anyone know of a working Vista driver for this cam? I just had one given to me, but the driver disk says 98-xp, and the only thing I can find on Creative's site also says 98-xp. Will that driver work under Vista?

  6. tw0rld

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    You are going to have to get a vista compatible Cam.
  7. gregofvt

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    Yeah, I knew it was a long shot. :(

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