known prob -> Mobo won't post - (monitor won't turn in) -PSU prob?

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Hey all,

I'm using L7VMM3 with an on board CPU. (yer i was tricked 2 years ago

as topic states, my PC simply won't turn on.

I push the buttons, I see fans spinning... and nothing... I looked into forums and tried these things:
- checked if the ram is located correctly
- switched ram
- cleaned dust
- unscrewed the mobo and isolated it from the box
- cleared the CMOS
- took the battery out, and back in (maybe back in upside down? )
- took all slots out including the GF4 and now trying to work on the onboard vga
- called 911 ( ok no...)
- changed the PSU - (oh i forgot to say that my PSU died and then I tried 2 different PSU's! that didnt work)

how can I check psu details maybe that's the reason (tho i doubt it, the other psu's work on other PCs at my home)
:D yea might be.
thing is, it tunred on once, but only once since i changed psu...

and what should I buy? only mobo? since I got a onboard CPU i have tp buy a cpu too, right?
suggestions for what's in the market?


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Yup, you will need both mobo and processor. Before spending any money, i usually advise people to think about what they are going to use the pc for. For example, its silly to spend a large ammount of cash on a graphics card if you only want to do word processing and surfing.

When the old psu went belly up it may well have damaged the mobo. Id say the chances of fixing it are slim at best. You could check for components getting hot very quickly, but that would just confirm that its beyond repair.
thanks for the fast and kind reply.

yup compenents are heating up pretty fast.

I use my computer for gaming and movie edits (adobe premire), winamp and office, with firewire and 2 HHDs (180+80) and 512ram.

But still it's not as if I'm playing the newest games are editing movies every day, so I dont need the best.

any suggestions for cpu/mobo? since I'm not familiar with brands and prices


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First thing to decide is processor then.

Do you want Intel or AMD?
Intel mobo's and processors tend to be more expensive than AMD's.

You also have the choice of 32bit or 64bit.
32bit is the "older" technology and is therfore, slower, cheaper, and tried and tested.
64bit is the "newer" technology and is therfore, faster, more expensive, and prone to compatability issues. In addition, amd64's will run windows xp 23bit whereas Intel64's wont, they need xp64. Amd64's will also run quicker with xp64.

Once you have made your choice, let me know and i will do what i can to help further.

Im a diehard amd fan and find them to be good value for money. Therefore my experience with Intel is limited somewhat.
I must say I'm with you on this one. got 3 computers at home, no intel. AMD only.

so I'm gonna keep going with AMD. now, i've understood and heard that in 64bit technology there's not much advantage since programmers didnt catch up with the technology yet and the market doesn't have much to offer (except microsoft heh).

so AMD 32bit i guess... not via chipest (heard bad things about it, dunno much what chipest means tho)

if you find something nice for AMD 32bit , maybe we could look for the same things at 64 just to see the price difference and maybe i'll go for the 64 instead of buying 64 in two years


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Have u checked for shorts? The mobo might be touching the case and shorting out? Otherwise u have to get a new one. Try this one for dual core
For single core, try this
This mobo is the most popular by far. It has support for single & dual-core so u can use both in it.
One more thing MisterX, are u sure ur processor is dead too? Have u tried using it in another PC? Chances are its not and u don't need the extra expense. BTW, what is an on-board CPU?


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Well the choice is yours.

I used to use an Abit nf7-s iss2 mobo and found it to be very good indeed, it had nvidia nforce chipset and never gave me problems.

I now use an Asus k8v-x mobo with a 64bit single core processor. It has a via chipset. And I've never had problems with that either. I was a little wary of the via chipset but its never caused me any problems of any kind.

My new system is much quicker but i cant really make a processor comparison, the abit had an xp athlon 2000+ while the asus has a 64bit 3000+.


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rik said:
windows xp 23bit
typo.. should be 32 bit :)

if you do some video editing, it may be wise to at least consider a ram upgrade (1gb) as well..

please explain what onboard cpu is? it just sounds strange.. download everest home or SIW and post us the system summery or report...


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I would imagine an on board cpu is one that's soldered there instead of being fitted into a socket.

hope it gives ya details in the correct language. if not then my mobo is L7VMM3, If you look in at it says on board cpu. I dont have much experience with cpu's. so I dont know much what are the differences between this one and others. but I would guess it's a some sort of suited to this mobo only. Maybe the cpu isn't dead, but I dont know if it's possible to change it into any other mobo.

now rik, thanks for the info but I'm bit confused.
a. diffrences between dual core and single core? why would I need dual core?
b. so what mobo/cpu would you suggest finally :p gimmi two options 32 and 64 one. I'll check prices and decide :)


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ok.. i get what you mean by onboard cpu.. havent come across much of those mobos..

i can answer the first question...

basicaly, in a pc, theres a cpu (typicaly). it can do so and so work, and has to share itself between all your applications and programs, so processing power and the numbercrunching are split between the programs in order of priority..

now.. while 1 cpu can do alot of work, lets just say your incoding video.. a 1hr video file encoding to mpeg2 on high resolution.. takes about, for example 2 hrs or so to encode.. but thats not using any or much other programs in the background or foreground.

add another cpu and now you can double your output time to 1hr encoding (assigning the work to both cpus) or split the work (one cpu just does the encoding video, the other one is free to use) so video encoding takes 2hr on one cpu time while your playing counterstrike source or surfing the net or something on the other :D

but that said, those example are probably abit exagurated or not as true (depends on your other system components as well, also the other variables like software behaviours), but just to give you an illustration of what it can do - double the work..


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A single core amd64 fits into socket754, while a dual core fits into socket939.
The dual is faster than the single and is also more expensive.

I am unable to help price a system up for you for 2 reasons.
1 - It depends where in the world you are...
2 - My internet service provider is having big problems at the mo, my supposed 512k connection is slower than a 56k dialup, at least it is when it will connect.


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U have two choices. Better to go for 64-bit coz that is the norm these days and there is very little price difference between 64 and 32 bit CPUs(at least where I live).
1. Athlon 64 X2 (dual-core)
This is the cheapest X2 i found on newegg
This is my recommendation for best balance of price & performance.
2. Athlon 64 (single-core)
This is the cheapest Athlon 64
This is my recommendation for u
Wait for other ppl's opinion on this before buying. They might have something better to suggest. Cheers :grinthumb
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