L7VMM3 Mobo cable/connect prob, plz help

By Noddlebrains
Feb 24, 2005
  1. I have no idea what to do here. I was hoping to get some help from someone here. I had to RMA a mobo I got, but before I shipped it I dissconnected all the cable. Now that I have gotten it back I have a major problem. I cant figure out which cable goes where. I have these 8 pin wires that I need to connect. I think it's the usb? connectors? anyways I sent an email to the manufactuer, but didnt get a response. so I'll post the email I sent to them here in hope that some of you computer whizzes can help.

    Please help, I'm am totally lost. I have these 8 tiny pin connectors and I dont know which pin goes where. I'll list the names below.
    2 "GND"
    2 "POWER"
    1 "D3+"
    1 "D2+"
    1 "D3-"
    They are supposed to be connected to a pin set like the one I have below, can you please tell me which pin goes where? I'm really lost.
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